Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Text classification and ranking

In this theme we explore machine learning techniques for information retrieval and information extraction, for the structuring and ranking of natural language texts.

Recent publications

  • Anna Priante, Djoerd Hiemstra, Tijs van den Broek, Aaqib Saeed, Michel Ehrenhard, Ariana Need. “#WhoAmI in 160 Characters? Classifying Social Identities Based on Twitter'’. In: Proceedings of the EMNLP Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science, 2016 [more info] [download pdf]
  • Victor de Graaff, Rolf de By, and Maurice van Keulen. Automated semantic trajectory annotation with indoor point-of-interest visits in urban areas. In: Proceedings of the 31st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, (ACM SAC), 4-8 April 2016, Pisa, Italy. ACM. ISBN 978-1-4503-3739-7 [more info]
  • Niek Tax, Sander Bockting, and Djoerd Hiemstra. “A cross-benchmark comparison of 87 learning to rank methods’’, Information Processing and Management 51(6), Elsevier, pages 757–772, 2015. [more info] [download preprint]
  • Zhemin Zhu, “Co-occurrence Rate Networks: Towards separate training for undirected graphical models’’, PhD Thesis, University of Twente, 2015. [more info] [download pdf]
  • Mena Habib and Maurice van Keulen, “TwitterNEED: a hybrid approach for named entity extraction and disambiguation for tweets.’’, In: Natural language engineering. pp. 1-34. 2015. [more info] [request a copy]
  • Dong Nguyen, Tijs van den Broek, Claudia Hauff, Djoerd Hiemstra, and Michel Ehrenhard, “#SupportTheCause: Identifying Motivations to Participate in Online Health Campaigns’’, In: Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), pages 2570-2576, 2015. [download pdf]
  • Robin Aly, “Score Normalization using Logistic Regression with Expected Parameters’’, In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8416. Springer Verlag, pages 579-584, 2014. [more info] [download pdf]


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Niek Tax
Niek Tax

Niek Tax runner-up in Ngi-NGN thesis award 2015

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